Hi, I'm Dan, and I love animals, especially dogs. I'm sure my friends think I'm the male/dog equivalent of a crazy cat lady :) 
My aim is to capture the joy and emotion your best friend (or ‘furkid’ to some of us) lovingly shares with you daily.
I shoot mainly on location, using natural light and surroundings to create a fun memorable experience for you and your pet.
Based in South East Queensland, I service Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

I've always loved animals and nature, something I think my parents have influenced a little. 

It has, however, been in more recent years that my passion for animals and nature has started to steer my life interests and life choices in a new and exciting direction.
A number of years ago my rescue dog, Harvey, got cancer (Lymphoma). I immediately started him on chemotherapy; for me the cost was irrelevant. The bonus quality time I got with my best mate was the only thing that mattered. 
After being in remission for a period, the cancer returned and at this point even with restarting treatment we knew he had maybe 6 months. With re-treatment successful and Harvey happier and more active than ever, I set about finding him a friend to share the days with while I worked. 
Once they found their balance Harvey and his adopted sister, Chlli, got on great. Sadly it was only months later Chilli presented with an elusive illness. It took an MRI to discover she had a cancerous tumour growing at the front of her brain. There was nothing that could be done but keep her happy until time took her away from us. In a sad irony, Harvey outlived her, but not much more than a month later it was his time to slip away peacefully in my arms.
Before they both were gone, a wonderful lady named Jen, who used to run a rescue shelter, got news of the situation and, using her contacts, arranged for a studio photo shoot with the very talented Ken from Zoo Studio. It was this wonderful experience that sparked my passion to capture animals, especially dogs, in my own personal way.
Loving the outdoors and exploring endless places with my previous fur kids, and still to this day with my current adopted mate Striker, I fell in love with capturing the wonder that is our pets a play, out in nature where they always seem most happy. 
Since then I've been clicking away, ever expanding my knowledge and skills and amassing more photography equipment. 
Over the years I've had the fortune and fun of being able to photograph countless friends’ dogs and pets as well as my own. I'm sure Striker hates the paparazzi by now :) 
I've gained vast experience and enjoyment by shooting many rescue animals to aid with rehoming and fundraising. I also use my time and skills to support the plight of Australia’s native canid, the dingo. More info can be found on the charity page.
Another prominent interest of mine is camping. There is something special about getting out bush with one’s four-legged best friends that draws us back to a time of more connection (and not of the technological kind). I love nothing more than packing the fourby and escaping to remote, unpopulated locations Striker. 
Striker and I also compete in dog agility, and are members of the Queensland Agility Dog Club and Brisbane Agility Dog Club.
In general I enjoy being active, and my other interests include dirt biking, jet skiing, Krav Maga (self-defence training), and mountain biking (often with Striker in tow).

How my ‘phodography’ interest was sparked

Agility dog Striker
Harvey as a pup
Chilli loved the water
Camping on the Nymboida River
Striker and I
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Agility dog Striker