More than just pictures.......

I like to think of a phodography session as much more than just shooting portraits.  Photographing pets is an adventure, a chance to connect and befriend, to learn and enjoy the individual’s character. It is also as much about communicating with you. The details you tell me about your best mate and how you picture them in your eyes helps me create their story, captured in frozen moments forever.

So how does the phodography session work?

Once you've decided to go ahead with a phodography session.  Please take the time to think about these questions about yourself and your pet, so that once we are in contact you already have a loose idea on the things we'll talk about. While I photograph all kinds of animals and pets, most of these points will relate to dogs.


  • What sort of animal do you have?

  • How is your pet with strangers? Friendly and forward, or shy and retracted?

  • Is your pet well-trained?  What kind of behaviors do they know and do they still work under mild distractions?

  • Where is your and your pet’s favourite place to spend time together?

  • Is your pet relaxed and chilled out or always on the go? Perhaps a combination of both?

  • Do you have any locations in mind where you'd like your shoot to take place? Perhaps your pet loves the beach or a certain park?

  • What are you hoping most to get out of the photoshoot? Lovely posed portraits or perhaps plenty of action showing your pet’s playful spirit. I usually strive for a balance of both but this is your and your mate’s photographic journey and it's important the story is captured within your vision.

  • What sort of treats does your pet love?

  • Are there particular toys that drive your best mate wild? Perhaps a ball, tug or squeaker


We will cover these details and more over the phone when arranging a time and location.  


For optimum results, shoots are best done late in the afternoon or early in the morning to coincide with the lovely warm natural lighting and colours of sunset and sunrise.

A journery of fun and reward

I like to ensure that you're just as involved in the session as your best mate. This may involve using your strong bond and connection to assist with commands and positioning. I may even get you running as motivation for some action. Try not to think of it as a PT session though—this will be way more fun!


Perhaps you'd also like to be included in pictures with your pal? This can also be accommodated. I love catching candid moments that show the joy and bond parents and their furry kids share. Try to think of the session as a big play session for you and your dog.


While the session allows for two hours, our furry friends do not understand this strange human concept of time as we do. All pets and people are different too—some love being in front of the lens, others not so much. The session will go for as long as required, and as long as lighting allows and your pet is OK with (it's important they are happy and having fun).


I will bring some example display products with me to the shoot, and post image review session so you have a better idea of what these look like in the flesh.

After the shoot

Once I've captured as many loving images of your best mate as possible, over the following days, I'll take the time to select only the best, editing and adjusting to bring your pet’s story to life.
I'll make a small sneak peek selection available for you via email and online.  From here we’ll arrange a convenient time where we can meet over coffee, look through all of the best edited images and choose the display products and/or high resolution digital copies you like.