Durong Dingo Sanctuary - A wonderful experience with amazing native animals!

September 16, 2014

I was lucky enough to spend Sunday up at this wonderful place. Such an awesome experience, magnificent animals, so miss understood and sadly persecuted across the nation. As you would expect, I  took the camera with me and snap plenty of photos of the magnficent canids. The Sanctuary is privately owned by a top bloke, loosely known as Dingo Simon.  He  runs the Sanctuary on his own, off his own back pocket.


Dingoes are the native dog of Australia and are at the top of the food chain. 


The individual species (Canis Dingo) is at threat from barbaric 1080 baiting, trapping (including steal jaw) and shooting based around government miss management, in combination with the threat of interbreeding from domestic dogs gone wild are major concerns. The Dingo is the only Australian Native animal not afforded protection under environmental acts, largely due to pressure from interest groups concerned about profit.  

Durong Dingo Sanctuary seeks to provide a small area of peace (rare in Queensland and Australia), where pure Dingoes are kept safe from these perils.  Aims include future pure breeding to ensure genetics live on, along with education, awareness and experience for the wider community.


Government change of mind have placed some requirements on his park that require some expansion of enclosures etc. He runs the property solo, it's not a tourist type park (visit by arrangement only) so costs all come out of his pocket. 

As such to meet the  latest requirements he has a fund setup for donations. Certainly a worthy cause


Durong Dingo Sanctuary Fundrasing 

During Dingo Sanctuary Facebook Page


Meet Zahra, a 4 month old Alpine Dingo Pup.    

She is the name sake of Zahra Chamberlain, yes sister and family of the infamous and sad Azariar Chamberlain case. 

Zarha C is also a strong Dingo Advocate and supporter of the Sanctuary,  she has put her family history to positive use across various TV (Including The Project & Weekend Sunrise) and print media to raise awareness of the Dingoes plight and to assist in rasing funds for Durong Dingo Sanctuary. 



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